Klas Markström

I am Associate Professor in Mathematics at Umeå University.

My main area of research is graph theory and combinatorics. Here I study both deterministic structural problems and problems regarding the properties of various random graph models.  I have mainly done pure research in these two fields but I have also applied these results and methods to problem from physics, computer science, and more recently voting theory.

Three recently published works

  • Allan Lo, K. Markström F-factors in hypergraphs via absorption, Graphs and Combinatorics, Vol 30, No 2, 2014.

  • Klas Markström Two questions of Erdös on hypergraphs above the Turan threshold, Journal of Graph Theory, Vol 76, No 2, 2014

  • Walter Vinci, Klas Markström, Sergio Boixo, Aidan Roy, Federico M. Spedalieri, Paul A. Warburton, Simone Severini Hearing the shape of Ising models: on the distinguishability power of Physics Scientific Reports, July, 2014.

Three frequently cited works

  • Quantum Bose-Hubbard model with an evolving graph as a toy model for emergent spacetime A Hamma, F Markopoulou, S Lloyd, F Caravelli, S Severini, K Markström, Physical Review D 81 (10), 104032, 2010.

  • Perfect matchings (and Hamilton cycles) in hypergraphs with large degrees K Markström, A Ruciński, European Journal of Combinatorics 32 (5), 677-687, 2011.

  • Expansion properties of random Cayley graphs and vertex transitive graphs via matrix martingales D Christofides, K Markström, Random Structures & Algorithms 32 (1), 88-100, 2008.