Kirsti Jylhä - on leave

Photo: Cato Lein

I am a researcher in psychology at the Institute for Futures Studies. I received my PhD at Uppsala University in September 2016. In my thesis, I examined the link between ideological attitudes and climate change denial. In my current research, the focus is more broadly on the prevalence and correlates of different views, emotions, and behaviors related to environmental issues. I have also studied, for example, factors explaining support for the radical right.

During the period 2023-2025, I work mainly on three projects. The aims of these projects are to study:

1) the normativization of climate emotions, and how the public engages in and perceives the normativity of climate emotions, climate affective dilemmas, and other affective disagreements (Climate emotions and affective dilemmas: A psychological and philosophical study of their normative principles and the public's perceptions);

2) why most adults don't use their democratic opportunities to make an impact, despite being concerned about climate change (Understanding Political Climate Passivity in Sweden and the US); and

3) by drawing learnings from Covid-19 pandemic and climate change increase understanding on how severe crises can be better managed in the future (Wicked problem governance).

Three recently published works