Understanding Political Climate Passivity in Sweden and the US

Many are concerned about climate change and inadequate climate policies. This project aims to figure out why most adults don't use their democratic opportunities to make an impact.

Inspired by political science and social psychology research, an innovative model, the climate passivity model (C PM), is developed here with the intention of providing a complete answer. C PM pays particular attention to resource and motivation factors ("cannot" and "do not want to"), as well as social norms ("should not"). With our unique, general C PM model, we can investigate complex and multifaceted reasons why climate change is not translated into political action. A number of hypotheses are developed and tested within the framework of this model.

Our international, interdisciplinary research group will study residents mainly in Sweden but also in the USA. The cases provide access to a wide range of possible explanatory factors, as the countries differ in important aspects such as fossil fuel dependence and the prevalence of climate denial. Inspired, among other things, by social psychological research, the project uses innovative survey data. Overall, the project will significantly advance research, not only theoretically and methodologically, but also empirically, as much is unknown about the obstacles to climate activity. Increased civil climate engagement appears to be increasingly necessary for politicians to make necessary decisions in order to enact change. The results of this study are of the greatest importance, as they highlight the barriers to climate participation.

IFFS is a project partner in this project and below are the people listed who participate from IFFS. The project is based at Uppsala University, where the project leader Per Adman and the project members Johan Wejryd and Nazita Lajevardi are located. The project members from IFFS who are part of the project are linked below.



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Formas, Uppsala University