Björn Lundgren

I am an affiliated researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies. My research mains concerns issues concerning information, information security, privacy, anonymity, and AI technology. However, I have also writen about other issues, such as decision-making under risk, metaphysics, and the concept of social housing.

At the institute, I have been active in four research projects. During 2019-2020 I led a project on self-driving cars funded by the Swedish Transport Administration and I also consulted for the University of Twente in two EU projects (SHERPA and SIENNA), where my work was primarily about ethical guidelines for AI and robots. In 2021, I will participated in a small research project (funded by the Swedish Transport Administration) that aims to develop a new research program on the Vision Zero, where my contribution is primarily concerned with issues of self-driving vehicles and new technology.

Some recently published works