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Time to plan for the worst-case scenario

After two of the most damaging hurricanes in history affected the Gulf of Mexico just a few days apart, the impact of climate-induced catastrophes is finally getting some attention. However, in truth, a few hurricanes, even ones that cause hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of damage, are far from the worst things climate change could cause.

In an article in Huffington Post, Simon Beard argues that it is time to consider the worst-case scenarios of climate change.

"I work at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, a University of Cambridge research group working to prevent human extinction. We believe that humanity is a lot more resilient, creative and productive than many people give us credit, and that, so long as we do not go extinct, we have a promising future ahead of us. The challenge we face right now is making sure we survive to see it!

For us, avoiding global catastrophes is not just a good subject for science fiction, it is the key global challenge of our age."

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Simon Beard is also affiliated researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies.