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Researcher wanted for a study of Swedish voters

The Institute for Futures Studies is searching for a researcher for a research project on psychological and sociological differences between voters, depending on what party they would prefer to give their vote. You must have a PhD when the employment begins.

Earlier research indicates that people's behavior is influenced by underlying psychological structures. The announced position is part of a research project that studies these structures and its effects on human values. Later this fall, we will collect a large amount of data about voters and the task is to study how they differ from one another based on party preference, regarding e.g., values or proneness to conspiracies. The aim is to write at least one scientific article and a report based on the results, within the framework of the employment.

The project is part of the Institute for Futures Studies Research Program, which can be found here.

This is a six-month full-time employment with start date February 1, 2018 (or as soon as possible thereafter). Entrance salary is 35000-38000 kronor per month.

Earlier experience of studying political processes is a merit.

The applicant needs to be able to write research articles in English and it is a merit to also be able to speak Swedish, but it is no requirement. The expectation is that this research will be relevant also to decision-makers.

At the appointment, great importance attaches to scientific skill and a proven ability to write scientific articles. A PhD in Sociology, Political Science or Psychology is appropriate, but there are other disciplines that may be relevant as well. A large part of the work will consists of statistical analysis so good knowledge in quantitative method is particularly meritorious.

We need a short application letter, a page about your previous research, a current CV, three examples of your written work, as well as the names and contact details of three people who are familiar with you and your work.

Please send your application to info@iffs.se by December 10, 2017. Interviews, if invited, will take place later in December, either in Stockholm or via Skype.

For more information, call our reception at +46 8 402 12 00.

For this position we already have the recruitment support we need, and ask that you do not contact us in this matter.