Reactions on a seminar on ethics and e-cigarettes

In 2016 dozens of prominent researchers from around the world came to our institute to work on the ambitious research report "Rethinking society for the 21st century" by the International Panel on Social Progress, IPSP. One of the many interesting researchers we had the pleasure of hosting was Daniel Wikler, Professor of Ethics and Population Health.

While in Stockholm, we invited him to speak at our research seminar and he chose a topic that was often on his mind at the time - e-cigarettes and their potential effect on the health of smokers. We posted Daniel's talk on youtube, and quite quickly he began to get reactions from a wide range of people.

Earlier this year, our Director Gustaf Arrhenius met Daniel at a conference in Kigali and he took the opportunity to ask him what actually happened after the seminar.

Here is our recording of the seminar "Ethics and E-cigs. An Analysis and A Proposal" from 2016.