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Janine Wedel to the Institute for Futures studies

In 2018 the Institute for Futures Studies will host the Kerstin Hesselgrens gästprofessur, held by Janine R Wedel, an American anthtropologist and professor at George Mason University i USA.

Janine Wedel does resarch on elites and corruption and held the seminar "Meet the new influence elites. How top players sway policy and governing in the twenty-first Century" at the institute in 2016. Follow that link and listen to Janine's TEDx-talk about the shadow elite affecting American politics.

The Kerstin Hesselgrens gästprofessur was created by the Swedish parliament in 1987. The person holding the title should be a prominent researcher in his or her area.

Read more about Janine on her webbpage