Competition: Your vision of a positive future

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study and the 2100 Fondation in partnership with the Institute for Futures Studies are launching the first Positive Future competition in order to encourage the elaboration and dissemination of mobilizing imaginaries that convincingly and realistically describe a liveable and desirable world.

As representations of dystopian futures are numerous, many research and prospective works are focusing on positive alternatives for the world of tomorrow. The theme of the competition is The city in 2100. 

Watch this short film about the competition

This theme invites us to rethink our lifestyles and urban spaces. What would the sustainable and livable city of tomorrow look like? What links to territories and rural spaces? Participants will be asked to propose a background for their story articulating a credible and original vision of cities in 2100. Read more at the Positive Future website.

How to enter the competition and submit your contribution

The competition is open to all, regardless of nationality, age or profession. Proposals can be made individually or in groups.

March 2021
Participant applications​ opening

May 2021
Application deadline​ 31 of May

September 2021
Prices award in Paris

Stories can be presented in the following formats:


Prizes will be awarded to the best fictional works in each of the four categories. A grand prize of 10,000 euros will be awarded to the best proposal across all categories.

Evaluation and selection criteria

Originality of the story as well as the desirability and realism of the proposed vision of "the city in 2100" will be the main selection criteria. The quality of the narrative and the proposal's ability to generate commitment and to provide directly actionable perspectives will also be considered.