Can AI be used to avoid discrimination during recruitment?

More and more businesses use AI – artificial intelligence – in recruitment. But what happens when they do so? The research project Can the implementation of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process enhance the inclusion of disadvantaged groups? A study of Swedish companies, led by sociologist Moa Bursell, can give us some answers.

In an interview with the Nordic Labour Journal, Moa Bursell explains the results of a study carried out at one of Sweden's largest food retail companies.

“We already know that discrimination occurs during recruitment. People with foreign-sounding names are often not chosen. We wanted to see whether automating the process might improve the pattern or make it worse, in order to gauge what social consequences this new technology might have for inclusion in the workplace,” Moa Bursell tells the Nordic Labour Journal.  

It turned out that the AI did its' job, however, it still made the process less inclusive. How did this happen?

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