Open seminar

Gender as an Employment Criterion?

Date: 16 November 2016
Time: 08:30-10:00

As other fields, the academic sector is gender-segregated. While some disciplines are dominated by female students and researchers (especially in the humanities), others are dominated by male students and researchers (e.g. STEM-fields and philosophy). Moreover, academia is also marked by a “vertical gender segregation”: most professors and research project leaders are male, regardless of the respective gender ratio in lower ranks.

Which strategies are currently employed to deal with gender segregation? Are they working, and can we think of better strategies? To ask the question more provocatively: could it be justified to use gender as one – among other – employment qualifications, to create gender balance, or truly equal opportunities?

For this IF breakfast seminar, four panel members are invited to reflect on the issue of academic gender segregation within their field of expertise or professional sphere:

  • Anca Gheaus, philosopher, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, researches about on issues such as the nature of justice, gender justice, and justice in the workplace.
  • Carin Holmqvist, professor emerita in entrepreneurship, especially and for many years the only female chair professor at Stockholm School of Economics
  • Carl Jacobsson, senior advisor in  gender mainstreaming, Swedish research Council, and secretary for the State Commission on Research Careers (SOU C2016:XX)
  • Sebastian Scheiman, lawyer at Centrum för rättvisa, who represented researcher Eivind Torp in a recent sex discrimination charge against Mittuniversitetet

The talk will be held in English.

A small breakfast will be served from 08:00

Contact: Katharina Berndt Rasmussen and Anna Tyllström.

Registration is required.

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