Anna Tyllström

I hold a PhD in business administration, especially organizational theory. I have previously worked at the Stockholm School of Economics, Uppsala University, University of Alberta (CA) and Northwestern University (US). During 2014-2016, I was a Handelsbanken Wallander Fellow and in 2015 I received the Arnberg from the Royal Academy of Sciences for best dissertation in the economic and technical sciences.

At the Institute, I have two main research interests. Firstly, I am studying policy professionals, and especially policy professionals in the private sector. How do business politicians approach Sweden today? What channels and arguments do they use when lobbying, and how do politicians on the receiving end perceive the same contact? My closest colleagues in this project are Stefan Svallfors, Corrie Hammar and Niels Selling.

During the period 2018-2021 I am also a co-PI of a large research project studying the importance of social networks for the development of top students' careers in Sweden and Finland. Together with Gergei Farkas and Nils Gustafsson, I investigate how students in top-rated business schools form social connections and what long-term influence these have on business careers. The project is funded by the Bank of Sweden’s Tercenteniary Fund and the Swedish Research Council.

Since 2015 I am a regular columnist in Universitetsläraren, where I reflect broadly on topical issues of academic Life.

Recently published works