27 April 2020

Myths and truths about "the experiment"

In an article at Behavioural Public Policy Blog, Erik Angner and Gustaf Arrhenius puts the Swedish response to Covid-19, seen...

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08 April 2020

Where there is trust, there is testing

In the US, levels of Covid-19 testing have varied greatly between states. But there seems to be a pattern. According to a new...

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30 March 2020

Three Mistakes in the Moral Reasoning About the Covid-19 Pandemic

Orri Stefánsson, philosopher at the Institute for Futures Studies and decision theorist, dissects the moral reasoning about t...

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19 March 2020

The coronavirus, mortality and life expectancy

A demographer calculates how the average life expectancy can be affected In Sweden, we now experience the first pandemic tha...

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