Markus Furendal

Markus Furendal is a researcher at the Department of Political Science at Stockholm Unviersity, and at the Institute for Futures Studies.

He conducts resarch on topics at the intersection of politics, philosophy and economics. He received his PhD from the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University with a policial-philosophical dissertation on the theory of justice and the idea that individuals have a duty to contribute to society. This interest has evolved to deal with the philosophy of work, and topics such as economic democracy, productive justice, and the human-machine collaboration in the future workplace. 

The second main research interest is the social, political and moral implications of AI technology and its governance. At Stockholm University he works in the project “Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence and its Democratic Challenges”. At the Institute for Futures Studies he works in the project Automating authority: Accuracy, assessment, acceptance and legitimacy of AI decision-making in the public sector?

Markus Furendal' work have been published in journals such as Nature Machine Intelligence, International Studies Review, Political Studies, Journal of Applied Philosophy and Social Theory and Practice. For an updated list of publications, visit