Lambros Roumbanis

My research focuses on the organization of expert judgments, evaluation technologies, selection mechanisms, and complex decision-making processes. More specifically, I study how organizations deal with the challenging task of distributing scarce resources and opportunities (money, employment) using the support from group deliberations and collectivized assessments, lotteries, or artificial intelligence.

I am currently studying i) the social dynamics of academic peer review and the evaluation of new research projects, and ii) the use of algorithm-based recruitment systems and the human-algorithm interaction effects in the screening and selection of candidates.

At IFFS I focus on the second of these, in the project Evaluated by a robot.

In addition to this, I am also interested in the sociological conceptualization of chance; the moral and organizational nature of queues; and the theoretical-methodological notion of relationality and coupling processes.

For more information, visit my page at SCORE.


Selected works