Krister Bykvist

I am Professor in Practical Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University and Institute for Futures Studies. I was a Tutorial Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford, and a CUF Lecturer in Philosophy at Oxford University (2001-2013). Before that, I was a Temporary Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, Cambridge University. I have been a visiting researcher at the Department of Philosophy, Canada, and at SCAS, Uppsala.

My research concerns questions about our responsibility for future generations, the foundations of consequentialism, evaluative uncertainty (’What should we do when we are not certain about our values?’), and the relationship between preferences, value, and welfare.

I am leading the project ‘Valuing Future Lives’ (funded by the Swedish Research Council), and Gustaf Arrhenius is my main co-researcher. Together with Toby Ord and Will McAskill (Oxford), I am writing a book about moral and evaluative uncertainty, which will be published by Oxford University Press.

At the Institute I will do research on population ethics, together with Gustaf and a post doc. I will also be seminar leader (together with Gustaf Arrhenius) and have some public engagement.

Three recently published works

Three frequently cited works