Hernan Mondani

Photo: Cato Lein

I work at the Department of sociology, Stockholm University and at the Institute for Futures Studies. My previous appointments are: Research assistant and doctoral student at Department of sociology, Stockholm University (2012-2017).

I am interested in modeling social organizing. In particular, I look at the statistical properties arising from organizational dynamics and growth, and their microscopic origins in terms of individual-level interactions. Methodologically, I draw heavily on concepts and tools coming from the frameworks of complex networks and social network analysis. Apart from the network perspective, I draw inspiration from various interdisciplinary fields, such as complex dynamical systems, organizational ecology, evolutionary systems biology, and statistical physical of systems out of equilibrium. More generally, I am interested in the differences and similarities between models of social, biological and physical systems, both at the philosophical level and at the level of model design and implementation.

At the Institute for Futures Studies I work within the project “The organization of violent extremism and anti-social careers” financed by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). There, I do research mostly on data and modeling questions.

Three recently published works

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