Helena Hammarskiöld

Tel: +46 735-203780

I am the initiator and project manager of the project Expanding minds - together.

I run an organization for cross-sector collaboration projects as a way to foster innovation among both organizations and the public. Meetings across disciplines and methods, engaging, touching, and transforming - as a means to foster understanding.

I initiated and led the organization Dramaten& for 10 years, focusing on innovative audience encounters and the creativity that emerged from collaborations. There, a fruitful partnership with IFFS began, with the production Performance Workshop – creating and practicing democracy.

Following the production at Dramaten in 2021, where the national stage's audience, together with researchers and actors, were challenged in real-time for joint problem-solving, the production has continued with a new project; Expanding Minds - together. The aim is to use the tools of culture and citizens' experiences as a foundation to build bridges between research and the public, thus renewing democratic interaction and organization.

Previously, I served as CEO and acting artistic director at Orionteatern in Stockholm, where some of the collaborations I initiated at Dramaten continued. My current focus is to utilize the tools of culture to engage people in current societal issues – aiming to catalyze and manage conflicts and democratic decision-making rooted in personal experienced emotions.