Giulia Andrighetto

I am a researcher working at Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of National Research Council of Italy; Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden. I have previously worked at European University Institute.

My research examines the nature and dynamics of social norms, namely how norms may emerge and become stable, why norms may suddenly change, how is it possible that inefficient or unpopular norms survive, and what motivates people to obey norms.

To answer these questions and build cognitively grounded models of the emergence and change of social norms, I combine theoretical models with behavioral and simulation experiments.

My work has been published in more than 80 publications in international journals, books and peer-reviewed conference proceedings. On the topic of social norms, I have recently published the book "Minding Norms" (Oxford University Press). I was awarded Ricercat@mente Prize for Best Italian researcher under 35 in the field of Social Sciences & Humanities, by the National Research Council and the Accademia dei Lincei in 2013. In 2016, I was  awarded the prestigious Wallenberg Academy Fellowship by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation to study how harmful social norms can be changed.

Three recently published works

  • John Realpe-Gómez, Giulia Andrighetto, Luis Gustavo Nardin, and Javier Antonio Montoya (2018) Balancing selfishness and norm conformity can explain human behavior in large-scale prisoner's dilemma games and can poise human groups near criticality. Phys. Rev. E 97, 042321.'

  • Fred Pampel Giulia Andrighetto Sven Steinmo (2018) How Institutions and Attitudes Shape Tax Compliance: a Cross-National Experiment and Survey. Social Forces, soy083.

  • Andrighetto G, Zhan N, Ottone S, Ponzano F, D'Attoma J, Steinmo S (2016) Are Some Countries More Honest than Others? Evidence from a Tax Compliance Experiment in Sweden and Italy. Frontiers in Psychology. 7.

Three frequently cited works

  • Conte R, Andrighetto G, Campennì M (Eds.) (2014) Minding Norms. Mechanisms and dynamics of social order in agent societies. Oxford University Press.

  • Andrighetto G, Brandts J, Conte R, Sabater J, Solaz H, Villatoro D (2013). Punish and Voice: Punishment Enhances Cooperation when Combined with Norm-Signalling. PlosOne8(6): e64941.

  • Andrighetto G, Villatoro D, Conte R (2010) Norm internalization in artificial societies, AI Communication, 23 4, 325-339.