Carolina Frände

Tel: 072-341 14 42
Photo: Cato Lein

Professionally I have been working as a theatre director since I completed my BA in Theatre Directing at Uniarts in Stockholm late 1990s. Since then I have also been Artistic Director at The National Touring Theatre of Sweden and spent five years as Pro-Vice Chancellor at Stockholm Academy of Mime and Acting. In 2019 I left Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm where I was Artistic Director for Theatre for young audiences for ten years. As a director I have done just over 80 theatre productions.

I have written and translated drama texts, taught at several arts’ colleges and universities in Sweden and between 2017 I have 2019 I held the professorship in Theatre Directing at Uniarts in Stockholm. Artistically, as director, teacher and leader, I’ve had a specific interest in feminist and critical perspectives on power, power-relations and spatiality.

Then, I have until now primarily worked in the artistic field, but moreover my experience in leadership is substantial. I will at IFFS take my first steps onto the research arena as projectleader for ’Mission: Artistic Director’, financed by the Swedish Research Council. The projects’ key-question is: How is the role/mission ’Artistic Director’ negociated and expressed in formal and informal structures in Swedish theatre industry? Through a combination of theory from Human Sciences and methods from the artistic field the aim is to map out and frame how the leading role ’Artistic Director’ is constructed as a discourse by individuals and groups working in institutional publicly funded theatres. From the interdiciplinary perspective - where artistic method meets leadership and organizational research the project also has a methodological focus. The project starts in autumn 2020.