Carina Mood

My research interests include poverty and the intergenerational transmission of socio-economic resources. I head a project about the consequences of poverty. I also coordinate a project about welfare of children and youth in Sweden, and participate in the CILS4EU project, which is a longitudinal survey of young people in four European countries (Sweden, England, Germany, Netherlands).

I am also interested in the best use of quantitative research methods for different research questions, and I have published an article on logistic regression which can be downloaded for free here:
Logistic regression: Why we cannot do what we think we can do and what we can do about it. European Sociological Review 2010 26(1): 67-82
It is also included in (2013) Babones, S (Ed.) Applied Statistical Modeling SAGE Publications: SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods.
Babones, SAGE

My main employment is at SOFI, Stockholm University.

Three recently published works