Anders Herlitz

I am a researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies and Associate professor in Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University. Before moving to Stockholm, I was affiliated to Harvard University. Prior to that, I held a Marie Curie fellowship at Rutgers University and the University of Gothenburg.

My research concerns how to make justified choices when the alternative options are seemingly incomparable, what principles should be applied to evaluate different distributions of goods in diverse populations, and the relationship between principles and justified choice. I have a special interest in these issues in the context of healthcare and distribution of healthcare and climate change and climate policy.

At the institute I am leading the project ”Good and just allocation of health-related resources” and I also participate in the project ”Climate ethics and future generations”.

Three recently published works

  • Herlitz, Anders. 2019. “Nondeterminacy, Two-Step Models, and Justified Choice,” Ethics 129: 284-308.

  • Herlitz, Anders. “Against lifetime QALY prioritarianism,” Journal of Medical Ethics 44: 109-113. 2018.

  • Herlitz, Anders. ”Stable and unstable choices,” Economics and Philosophy.

Three frequently cited works

  • Herlitz, Anders. “The limited impact of indeterminacy for health care rationing: How indeterminacy problems show the need for a hybrid theory, but nothing more”, Journal of Medical Ethics 42: 22-25. 2016

  • Herlitz, Anders & David Horan. “Measuring needs for priority setting in healthcare planning and policy,” Social Science and Medicine 157: 96-102. 2016.

  • Herlitz, Anders, Munthe, Christian, Eklöf, Marianne & Gun Forsander. “The counseling, self-care, adherence approach to person-centered care and shared decision making: Moral psychology, executive autonomy, and ethics in multi-dimensional care decisions,” Health communication 31: 964-973. 2016.