Amir Rostami

I am PhD in sociology at Stockholm University and researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies. I am also affiliated to the Swedish Police and The national coordinator to saveguard democracy against violent extremism.

My research is mainly focused on criminal gangs and organizations and extremism. At the Institute for Futures Studies I am involved in the research project "The organization of violent extremism and anti-social careers".

Three recently published works

  • Rostami, A., Sturup, J., Mondani, H., Thevselius, P., Sarnecki, J., & Edling, C. (2018). The Swedish Mujahideen: An exploratory study of 41 Swedish foreign fighters deceased in Iraq and Syria. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

  • Sturup, J., Rostami, A., Mondani, H., Gerell, M., Sarnecki, J., & Edling, C. (2018). Increased Gun Violence Among Young Males in Sweden: A Descriptive National Survey and International Comparison. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research.

  • Edling, C., & Rostami, A. (Eds.). (2017). SOU 2017:67 Våldsbejakande extremism: En forskarantologi.