Amir Rostami

Photo: Cato Lein

Amir Rostami holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Stockholm University and is currently associate professor and senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Gävle. Rostami is also a research fellow at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm and Rutgers University Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience. In 2021 he was granted a Distinguished Fellowship at the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute, Canada.

Rostami holds the rank of Police Superintendent in the Swedish Police and has also served as senior advisor to the Swedish National coordinator to safeguarding democracy against violent extremism. Rostami is a seated member of the Homeland Security Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

Rostami’s main research interest is the social organizing dimensions of criminal phenomena such as organized crime and violent extremism. He has conducted extensive research on criminal organizing in Sweden. Rostami is currently involved in several projects studying violent extremism and organized crime.

Three recently published works