Katarina Engberg

I hold a Ph D in Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University and a Master in Public Administration, MPA, from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. I have been a Fellow and research associate with Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, WCFIA, Harvard University, and a research associate with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, IISS, in London.

I am an independent consultant. Senior Adviser, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, SIEPS; Senior Associate Fellow, The Russia and Eurasia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)

I have worked in the Swedish Government Offices, think-tanks and media. I have been Director in the Ministry of Defence and the Prime Minister's Office (Office for Strategic Development and Future Issues and the EU Coordination Secretariat). Focus of my work has been long-term and strategic planning, security and defence policies.

I am a member of the EU´s and OECD´s networks for strategic foresight.

Prime research interests are: methodology for and content of strategic planning and futures studies.

Examples of publications are: