Jens Rydgren

I am Professor of Sociology at Stockholm University. My main areas of research are political sociology, ethnic relations, and social networks. At Stockholm University I am currently directing two research projects: one in which we follow persons born in 1990 longitudinally in order to study the influence of personal networks and social capital on individual life chances; and one in which we aim to explain the variation of the electoral support of radical right-wing parties, cross-nationally and over time. 

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Three recently published works:

  • Rydgren, J., Sofi, D. and Hällsten, M. 2013. "Interethnic Friendship, Trust, and Tolerance: Findings from Two North Iraqi Cities." American Journal of Sociology 118(6): 1650-1694.

  • Edling, C., Rydgren, J. and Sandell, R. 2016. "Terrorism, Belief Formation, and Residential Integration: Population Dynamics in the Aftermath of the 2004 Madrid Terror Bombings."  American Behavioral Scientist 60: 1215-1231.

  • Hällsten, M., Edling, C. and Rydgren, J. 2016. "Social Capital, Friendship Networks, and Youth Unemployment." Social Science Research: (forthcoming).

Three frequently cited works:

  • Rydgren, J. 2005. "Is Extreme Right-wing Populism Contagious? Explaining the Emergence of a New Party Family." European Journal of Political Research 44: 413-437.

  • Rydgren, J. 2007. "The Sociology of the Radical Right." Annual Review of Sociology 33: 241-262.

  • Rydgren, J. 2008. "Immigration Sceptics, Xenophobes, or Racists? Radical Right-wing Voting in Six West European Countries." European Journal of Political Research 47:737-765.