Emil Andersson

Photo: Cato Lein

I defended my dissertation, Reinterpreting Liberal Legitimacy, in June 2019 at Uppsala University. The thesis deals with the topic of political legitimacy from a Rawlsian contractualist perspective. In particular, it is an attempt to develop the most plausible interpretation of Rawls’s “liberal principle of legitimacy”, according to which the exercise of political power is legitimate only if it is justifiable to all citizens. I develop an interpretation of this idea which I argue is preferable to the common understanding of it; one that avoids the most serious objections to the principle while preserving the most essential and appealing features of the view.

At the Institute for Futures Studies I have been involved in Climate Ethics and Future Generations, where I worked on contractualism and justice between generations. I also work on issues relating to liberal legitimacy and the claims of future generations.