Research Seminar

Mikael Persson: Unequal Political Responsiveness in the Welfare State? Testing the Opinion-policy Link in Sweden

Date: 1 February 2017
Time: 10:00-12:00

Mikael Persson: Associate Professor (Docent), Political Science, University of Gothenburg

Connecting public opinion and implemented public policy is indeed an important endeavor that concerns the essence of democracy and should be of central importance in political science. However, it is only recently that some studies have started to seriously deal with these questions. Several of these studies have shown that politicians appear to be more responsive towards high status citizens. Yet, however, studies from the US dominate this field and we know much less about the opinion-policy link in other contexts. We will bring an in depth analysis of the opinion-policy link in a fundamentally different country context, namely Sweden. We evaluate the opinion-policy link in Swedish politics during the last 60 years. The results reveal that despite that Sweden is a fairly egalitarian welfare state, responsiveness in Swedish politics is biased in accordance with the preferences of high-income citizens.

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