Open seminar

Liberal Nationalism - David Miller, Gina Gustavsson, Yael Tamir, Philippe van Parijs

Date: 5 February 2020
Time: 18:00-20:00

Registration: The seminar is free of charge but you need to register: Click here
The seminar will be held in English

Several studies show that citizens in North America and Europe have strong emotional ties to their home countries, an expression of nationalism - and this seems to be regardless of socioeconomic status, education level, and political values. Does this pose a challenge for liberal and social democratic parties with a cosmopolitical stance, or can liberalism in a wide sense be united with nationalism? Can the tension between nationalism and cosmopolitanism be one factor explaining falling popular support for liberal and social democratic parties? And what level of national unity and exclusion does a welfare state require?

These questions are the focus of two new books: Liberal Nationalism and Its Critics, and Why Nationalism. We have the great honor to bring together the authors of these books on February 5: David Miller, Gina Gustavsson and Yael Tamir. They will together with political philosopher Philippe van Parijs discuss these topics. The evening is moderated by Lars Anell (Frisinnade klubben, former chairman at Swedish Research Council). Gustaf Arrhenius (Professor of Philosophy and Director at the Institute for Futures Studies) and Bengt Westerberg (Frisinnade klubben, former party leader of the Liberal People's Party) says welcome.  

The seminar is free of charge, but you need to register. Register here.

About the participants:
David Miller: Professor of political theory, Oxford University. The one person most associated with the term “Liberal Nationalism”. Recently published Liberal Nationalism and Its Critics with Gina Gustavsson.

Gina Gustavsson: Associate Professor of political science, Uppsala University and Nuffield College, Oxford University.

Yael Tamir: PhD in political theory, Oxford University. Wrote the much talked about book Liberal Nationalism in 1993. Recently published the book Why Nationalism.

Philippe van Parijs: Political philosopher from Belgium, one of the world’s most prominent scholars on Universal Basic Income (UBI).

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