Final conference of the Franco-Swedish Program for Philosophy and Economics

Date: 8 - 10 June 2015
Time: 09:00–18:00

The Franco-Swedish Program for Philosophy and Economics will arrange a final conference in Uppsala where a group of prominent philosophers and economists will meet to discuss issues at the border between the two disciplines.

The conference will take place at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in Uppsala, 8–10 June.

The main aim of this international scientific program, funded by RJ and FMSH and hosted by CEM and SCAS, is to bring moral and political philosophy and economic theory to bear on the analysis, justification and criticism of political and economic institutions and public policies. This has proved to be a very fruitful approach to many long-discussed problems and has also generated new avenues for research. Some typical topics of this research are theories of distributive justice and individual responsibility, theories of welfare, poverty measurement, equality of opportunity, democratic theory and voting systems, economic democracy, the measurement and distribution of power, population ethics, rational and social choice, evolution of norms and cooperation and its connection to the justification and meta-ethical status of normative theories.

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For participation and questions, contact Hlynur Orri Stefánsson, [email protected].

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