Open seminar

Disinformation Campaigns - Challenging Our Democracy

Date: 2 December 2020
Time: 17:00-19:00

Online Interactive Session

Join this seminar hosted by the University of Ottawa with experts who will provide insights into what the Next Generation of Disinformation Campaigns and actors will be. 

Disinformation and misinformation pose a direct threat to the credibility of our democratic institutions. 2020 has been an extraordinary year where we have seen disinformation spike to unprecedented levels across a spectrum of subjects ranging from COVID-19 to the US elections. As we struggle to separate truth from lies even the methodology, standards and the institutions to do so are under attack from disinformation. We know this has been a chaotic year and there have been significant efforts to make social media and institutions more resilient to manipulation but we also know that we need to be better prepared for what comes next in these information wars. Disinformation has played a key role in polarizing societies here and abroad. 

Keynote Speaker: General John Allen, President, The Brookings Institution
Mr. Mikael Tofvesson, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
Dr. Joel Finkelstein, NCRI, Princeton University
Mr. Phil Gurski, uOttawa SET Program Director, President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd.
Moderator: Paul Goldenberg, Senior Fellow, Rutgers University Miller Center; Cardinal Point Strategies

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The seminar is arranged by the Transnational Consortium on Human Security which the institute is a part of through the research project Violent threats and internal security.

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