Conference on organized violent threats

Date: 16 June 2022
Time: 09.00–16.00

This conference is a collaboration between Sweden and Canada

Organized crime and violent extremism are violent threats to the democratic society. Sweden is a country where the number of shootings and explosions, recruitment to terrorist-organizations and right-wing extremism are high both in terms of size and activities. However, a multitude of actions are taken to curb these developments and deep plowing research in many areas of importance to the challenges connected to the violent threats.   

In a unique collaboration between the Institute for Future Studies in Sweden and the Canadian network for research on terrorism, security and society (TSAS) these issues are in focus. On June 16, The Institute for Futures Studies, would like to invite you to a conference where state of the art research will be presented and discussed with researchers, practitioners and policymakers. 

The conference will take place at Clarion Sign, Norra Bantorget in Stockholm  

A detailed program will follow.  

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 This conference is arranged as part of the research project Violent threats and internal security.

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