Fredrik Jansson

Senior Lecturer, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

I am a senior lecturer in mathematics/applied mathematics at Mälardalen University and a research affiliate at the Centre for Cultural Evolution at Stockholm University.

I study human behaviour and its connection to societal outcomes through mathematical modelling. I am interested in the mechanisms that shape and change human culture, in a broad sense.

Currently, I am particularly interested in cultural systems: culture is embedded in culture, and the interactions between cultural traits and how we process these give rise to complex patterns, such as path dependence, historical traces and long periods of stability with rapid leaps, and phenomena, such as experience-guided learning, polarisation and filter bubbles.

I am co-leader of the project Cultural Evolution in Digital Societies, where we study the emergence and consequences of new technologies for information dispersal and processing in a new way, based on evolutionary thinking. How will digital information technologies transform cultural evolution, and what are the likely effects on individuals and society? The project has a special focus on future challenges concerning knowledge and disinformation, polarisation and segregation, and social influence and trust.

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