Bob Goodin

I am Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Australian National University, having previously served as Professor of Government at University of Essex. I work on a range of topics in political theory and public policy, focused particularly on normative and empirical aspects of the welfare state and on democratic theory and practice.

My recent books include:

  • Discretionary Time (CUP 2008), coauthored with J.R. Rice, A. Parpo and L. Eriksson, which won the Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research from the International Social Science Council;
  • On Complicity and Compromise (OUP 2013), coauthored with C. Lepora, who ran Médecins sans Frontiéres operations across the Middle East; and
  • Explaining Norms (OUP 2013), coauthored with G. Brennan, L. Eriksson, and N. Southwood.

My books: Protecting the Vulnerable (U Chicago Pr 1985) and Real Worlds of Welfare Capitalism (CUP 1999, with B. Headey, R. Muffels and H.-J. Dirven) are much cited touchstones for the normative and empirical analysis, respectively, of the welfare state.