Here you will find different texts written by researchers that are working for the Institute. All texts are not the result of research within the Institute's research program but are by theme and authors relevant to our work. If you wish to find publications in Swedish you will find them on our Swedish website.

Labour Migrants Unbound?

Kristof Tamas and Rainer Münz 2006

Sustainable Policies in an Ageing Europe. A Human Capital Response

Eds. Thomas Lindh and Joakim Palme 2006

The Sustainable Society in Swedish Politics – Renewal and Continuity

Torbjörn Lundqvist 2006

Three Routes to a Pension Reform. Politics and Institutions in Reforming Pensions in Denmark, Finland and Sweden

Olli Kangas, Urban Lundberg and Niels Ploug 2006

Understanding Rural Change – Demography as a Key to the Future

Jan Amcoff and Erik Westholm 2006

Articles in Framtider no. 2/2005 English edition

Theme: Unexpected futures 2005

Childbearing and Psycho-Social Work Life Conditions in Sweden 1991-2000

Sara Ström 2005

Continued Work or Retirement? Preferred Exit-age in Western European countries?

Ingrid Esser 2005

Demography and housing demand – What can we learn from residential construction data?

Thomas Lindh, Bo Malmberg 2005

Dissecting the Social: On the Principles of Analytical Sociology

Peter Hedström 2005

Family Relations, Children and Interregional Mobility, 1970-2000

Ann-Christin Jans 2005

Population Geography Perspectives on the Central Asian Republics

Michael Gentile 2005

Productivity Consequences of Workforce Ageing – Stagnation or a Horndal effect?

Bo Malmberg, Thomas Lindh and Max Halvarsson 2005

Simulating the Future Pension Wealth and Retirement Saving in Sweden

Anna Röstberg, Björn Andersson and Thomas Lindh 2005

Stability or Change in the Swedish Labour Market Regime

Jonas Olofsson 2005

Swedish Parental Leave and Gender Equality. Achievements and Reform Challenges in a European Perspective

Ann-Zofie Duvander, Tommy Ferrarini and Sara Thalberg 2005

Articles in Framtider no. 3/2004 English edition

Theme: China's new future 2004

Demographically Based Global Income Forecast up to the Year 2050

Bo Malmberg and Thomas Lindh 2004

Forecasting Global Growth by Age Structure Projections

Bo Malmberg and Thomas Lindh 2004

Mapping Study on International Migration

Kristof Tamas 2004

Organised Interests, Labour Market and Migration: the Swedish Model

Torbjörn Lundqvist 2004

The Impact of Ageing on Innovation and Productivity Growth in Europe

Alexia Prskawetz and Thomas Lindh (Eds.) 2004

Welfare Enhancing Marginal Tax Rates: The Case of Publicly Provided Day Care

Sören Blomquist and Vidar Christiansen 2004

Cohort Effects on Earning Profiles: Evidence from Sweden

Susanne Dahlberg and Ruth-Aïda Nahum 2003

Demographic Patterns from the 1960s in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal

Ingrid Rydell 2003

Leaving Rurality Behind: Re-orientation of Spatial Policies in Sweden

Erik Westholm 2003

Swedish Post-War Economic Development: the Role of Age Structure in a Welfare State

Bo Malmberg and Thomas Lindh 2003

What Future for Europe? New Perspectives in Post-Industrial Fertility Issues

Béatrice Daumerie 2003

Alva's Futures Ideas in the Construction of Swedish Future Studies

Jenny Andersson 2002

Demography and Finance –Finance and Growth

Paul Simon 2002

Pathways to Retirement and Retirement Incentives in Sweden

Mårten Palme and Ingemar Svensson 2002

The Timing of Retirement and Social Security Reforms: Measuring Individual Welfare Changes

Anders Karlström, Mårten Palme and Ingemar Svensson 2002

Challenges for the Local Communities

Erik Westholm 2001

Education and Research in Times of Population Ageing

Lena Sommestad 2001

Health and Wealth: the Contribution of Welfare State Policies to Economic Growth

Lena Sommestad 2001

Four Phases in Demographic Transition: Implications for Economic and Social Developments in Sweden 1820-2000

Bo Malmberg and Lena Sommestad 2000

From Transfers to Individual Responsibility: Implications for Savings and Capital Accumulation in Taiwan and the United States

Ronald Lee, Andrew Mason and Timothy Miller 2000

Natural Selection and the Origin of Economic Growth

Odad Galor and Omer Moav 2000

Social Mechanisms: An Analytical Approach to Social Theory

P. Hedström, R. Swedberg (Eds.) 1998