Workshop: Global Health Impact

Date: 1 June 2021
Time: 14:30-18:00

Every year nine millionpeople are diagnosed with tuberculosis, every day over 13,400 people areinfected with AIDs, and every thirty seconds malaria kills a child. For most ofthe world, critical medications that treat these deadly diseases are scarce,costly, and growing obsolete, as access to first-line drugs remains out ofreach and resistance rates rise. Rather than focusing research and developmenton creating affordable medicines for these deadly global diseases,pharmaceutical companies instead invest in commercially lucrative products formore affluent customers.

In thisworkshop, we will discuss topics from Nicole Hassoun’s new book on Global Health Impact.

HearNicole and some of the leading researchers in the field discuss global healthjustice and how to increase the global health impact.

The workshop will be held online. Register here to get a link. The registration is open until May 31st.


14.30-14.45:Introduction (Anders Herlitz, IFFS & Nicole Hassoun, Binghamton University)

14.45-15.15:Andreas Albertsen (Aarhus University) on consumption and social change

15.15-15.45:Jonathan Wolff (Oxford University) on the human right to health

15.45-16.15:Nicole Hassoun responds + Q&A


16.30-17.00:Yukiko Asada (Dalhousie University) on metrics for global health burden

17.00-17.30:Tim Campbell (IFFS) on caring about both DALYs and the minimally good life

17.30-18.00:Nicole Hassoun responds + Q&A


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