Research Seminar

Tobias Hübinette: The modern history of Swedish whiteness and Swedish race thinking

Date: 4 November 2015
Time: 13:00–15:00

Tobias Hübinette is Associate Professor in Intercultural Education and a Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Studies at Karlstad University.

This presentation aims at understanding today's situation in Sweden from a critical race and whiteness studies perspective to be able to understand the current polarisation concerning migrants and minorities. The presentation offers an historicized account of the three principal phases and moments of Swedish whiteness, namely the white purity period between 1905-1968, the white solidarity period between 1968-2001 and the current period from 2001 and onwards. The analysis also takes into account how Swedish whiteness is interrelated and intersecting with the different racial formations and minority discourses and with the different political ideologies and affective structures that characterise these three time periods. At the end, the presentation reflects on the future of Swedish whiteness and new possible racial formations.

Tobias' research areas and interests are critical race and whiteness studies, visual studies and postcolonial theory, cultural studies and critical theory, adoption research and migration studies, Korean and Asian studies.

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OBS! This seminar takes place in the afternoon.

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