Research Seminar

Robert Goodin: Structures of Complicity

Date: 3 June 2015
Time: 10:00–12:00

Structures of Complicity: Consumers, Producers, Suppliers with Professor Robert E. Goodin, Australian National University

Under certain circumstances, businesses and consumers might be morally complicit in wrongdoings of others due to the way in which the products they use were produced or supplied. 'Complicity' is however used as a catch-all term to describe a wide variety of such relationships – too wide, I argue. Complicity is better used to pick out a more particular sort of case in which someone who is complicit makes (at least potentially) a causal contribution to the wrongdoing of another. This paper is devoted to exploring various ways in which that might be true, and to distinguishing those from other ways of being related to the wrongdoing of others that are either better (causally inevitably inert) or worse (as a co-principal in the wrongoding).

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Robert Goodin's research focuses on political theory and public policy. Here you can see him talking about "Innovations of democracy – new modes of forming collective decisions".

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