Open seminar

Radicalization Processes and Deradicalization: From Sweden to the Jihadi Groups in Syria

Date: 29 August 2017
Time: 15:00–16:30

So far, we know quite little about Islamic radicalization in the West. What previous studies have not focused on is that radicalization does not always end with an individual acting on his or her conviction and resorting to violence. Especially if he or she decides to join a jihadi group e.g. in Syria, the processes of radicalization are bound to continue and take new forms inside group, the results of which can then later on be imported back to the West. Moreover, theoretical and empirical knowledge of how these radicalization processes can affect the prospects of deradicalization is limited.

At this seminar Marco Nilsson, senior lecturer in political science, Jönköping University, will tell us about new resarch based on interviews with jihadists. Also participating is Anna Hedin Ekström, Committee Secretary at Nationella samordnaren mot våldsbejakande extremism (The national coordinator to saveguard democracy against violent extremism). Moderator: Jerzy Sarnecki, professor em, Stockholm University, Gävle University College, and Institute for Futures Studies.

When: Tuesday, August 29th, 15.00–16.30.
Where: Institute for Futures Studies, Holländargatan 13 in Stockholm

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