Research Seminar

Mining everyday life: Interactive visual analysis of event-based data

Date: 28 March 2014
Time: 13.00–14.30

Katerina Vrotsou, Linköping University

Event-based data are collections of sequences of ordered events and are encountered daily in a vast number of disciplines. Examples of such data include medical records, internet surfing records, transaction records, industrial process or system control records, and activity diary data. When studying event-based data a primary interest is to identify and analyse sequences as patterns within them. Such sequences can reveal trends, relationships, similarities across the data, and allow for comparisons to be made within and between the records.

The presented research is concerned with methods for identifying and exploring such event-sequences based on modern visualization, interaction and data mining techniques. The work has primarily focused in the exploration of activity diary data for the study of individuals' time-use and has resulted in a visual analysis tool facilitating understanding and analysis of the complexity of everyday life.

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The seminar is free of charge and takes place at the Institute on Holländargatan 13 in Stockholm.
No registration is required.


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