Research Seminar

Martin O'Neill: Limiting Markets: Socialisation, Decommodification, and the Sense of Justice

Date: 29 November 2023
Time: 10:00-11:45

Venue: Institutet för framtidsstudier, Holländargatan 13, 4th floor, Stockholm, or online.

Research seminar with Martin O'Neill, Professor of Political Philosophy, University of York.

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My talk addresses the questions of the size of the public sector in a just society, and the range of goods and services which should be decommodified, and provided to citizens outside of market relationships, in such a society. I examine some of the different answers given to these questions by (a) liberal egalitarians (particularly Rawls) and (b) social democrats and democratic socialists (particularly Esping-Andersen). Then, making use of the work of theorists including Waheed Hussain and Ralph Miliband, I examine the plausibility of a 'left Rawlsian' position, which would marry socialist insights about the functions of public provision with a liberal egalitarian account of the principles of justice, in order to defend an institutional model of a just society which would embody a form of liberal democratic socialism."

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