Research Seminar

Markus Jäntti: Trends in absolute intergenerational income mobility in Sweden

Date: 5 May 2021
Time: 14:00-15:45

Markus Jänttis research centers on income inequality, poverty, socio-economic mobility, and wealth inequality, especially in a cross-national perspective. He teaches econometrics and methods for inequality analysis, mostly at the graduate (PhD level).

In this seminar, I examine trends in intergenerational income mobility in Sweden. While the stylized facts about intergenerational relative mobility are generally thought to be more or less settled -- as embodied in the "Great Gatsby"-curve, according to which low cross-sectional inequality is associated with high intergenerational mobility -- less is known  across countries about intergenerational mobility in real incomes, so-called intergenerational absolute income mobility. Using extensive register data from Sweden covering the period from 1968 to 2018, we report on changes across time in both relative and absolute income mobility. Our results suggest that the trends are highly sensitive to the choice of target population (men or women), intergenerational relation (parent-child, father-son, etc), and income concept (e.g., labour income or disposable household income), that therefore turn out to be fundamental choices in the analyses. Our results further highlight the roles played by economic growth, on the one hand, and changes in income inequality, on the other. We further discuss the welfare economics of intergenerational mobility against the background of our results.

This seminar will be held online. The number of people who can join is limited. You can check in a couple of minutes before the seminar begins. Register here to join the seminar. 

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