Research Seminar

Kimmo Eriksson: Social norms and metanorms in 57 countries

Date: 27 April 2022
Time: 14:00-15:45

Research seminar with Kimmo Eriksson, professor of mathematics/applied mathematics at Mälardalens högskola.


Metanorms are norms about how to respond to norm violators. In the "International Study of Metanorms", conducted in 2019 with ~20,000 participants, we surveyed a range of norms and metanorms in 57 countries. I will present this rich dataset and discuss how it speaks to a number of questions: Is there a system to how norms and metanorms vary across societies? An important dimension of cultural variation is the level of individual autonomy - what role does it play for norms and metanorms? Is it true that some countries are generally "tight" and others are generally "loose"? What is the relation between cooperation norms and other social norms? What kind of metanorms are conducive to cooperation?

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