Research Seminar

Carina Gunnarson: Crossing boundaries - Collaborative partnerships and interventions towards particularly vulnerable areas in Sweden 

Date: 19 May 2021
Time: 14:00-15:45

Carina Gunnarsons research has primarily focused on social trust, and how this can be promoted in difficult environments through school and civil society. Empirically, her research is about the fight against organised crime in southern Italy, more specifically in Palermo, and the efforts made there to reduce the power of the mafia by creating long-term changes in values. 

Sweden represents a least likely case for the development of mafia-like organizations: the state is strong with a relatively well functioning legal system; the political institutions are stable, trust in government is widespread, bureaucratic ethics are high, and associational life vibrant. Yet, in a relatively short time, starting in the early 1980s, organized crime has established its power structure in Södertälje, a medium-sized city in the proximity of Stockholm. In September 2014, the Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm confirmed the existence of a criminal organization in Södertälje, with an extensive power structure with ramifications into politics and the welfare sector.

The case study is part of the project Crossing boundaries - Collaborative partnerships and interventions towards particularly vulnerable areas in Sweden that explores welfare governance in four disadvantaged areas, or so called Particularly Vulnerable Areas (PVAs) in Sweden. The purpose is to understand how national policies towards PVAs are translated into concrete policy measures at the local level and analyses the capacity of local collaborative structures. The presentation includes some preliminary findings, based on observations of meetings and interviews with local actors in Södertälje.

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