Open seminar

A Future of Expulsions

Date: 25 November 2014
Time: 13.00–15.30

Main speaker: Saskia Sassen

Today’s socioeconomic and environmental dislocations cannot be fully understood in the usual terms of poverty and injustice, but more accurately in terms of expulsion—from professional livelihood, from living space, even from the very biosphere that makes life possible.

Comments by Roger Andersson and Lisa Pelling.
Moderator: Göran Rosenberg

Saskia Sassen, professor of sociologi at Columbia University in New York, has written several books on her research concerning globalization, information technology and global cities. Read more about Saskia and about the book she will talk about at the seminar, "Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy".

The seminar will be held at Spårvagnshallarna in Stockhom and will also be broadcasted at Bambuser. The seminar is free of charge but please register in order to make sure there is a seat for you.

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