Stéphane Zuber

I am an economist at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris and an associate professor at Paris School of Economics. I work on issues of intergenerational equity and climate policy. Some of my research focuses on the problem of climate related risks: how to design equitable climate policies in an uncertain world and how to deal with catastrophic risks. I also work on questions in normative economics regarding population ethics and fairness in risky or uncertain situations.

Three recently published works

  • with M. Fleurbaey et al. (2019): "The social cost of carbon: Valuing inequality, risk and population for climate policy", The Monist 102, 84-109.

  • with M. Fleurbaey: "Fair management of social risk", Journal of Economic Theory 169, 666-706.

  • "Harsanyi's theorem without the sure-thing principle: On the consistent aggregation of Monotonic Bernoullian and Archimedean preferences", Journal of Mathematical Economics 65, 104-117.

Three frequently cited/important works

  • with Geir B. Asheim (2012): "Justifying social discounting: the rank-discounted utilitarian approach", Journal of Economic theory 147, 1572-1601.

  • with A. Bommier (2008): "Can preferences for catastrophe avoidance reconcile social discounting with intergenerational equity?", Social Choice and Welfare 31, 415-434.

  • "The aggregation of preferences: can we ignore the past?", Theory and Decision 70, 367-384.