From Categories to Categorization: A Social Perspective on Market Categorization

The compassion we feel normally is biased and mixed with attachment. Genuine compassion flows towards all living beings, particularly your enemies.

Publikationsår: 2017

Tyllström, Anna Rodolphe Durand & Nina Granqvist

Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Volume 51, 2017


The popularity of research into categories has grown in recent decades and shows no sign of abating. This introductory article takes stock of the research into two facets of categorization, addressing it both as a cognitive and a social process. We advocate a rebalance toward the social process of categorization, paying more heed to the entity to be categorized, the actors involved, their acts, and the context and timing, which informs these activities. We summarize the contributions to the volume in relation to these dimensions and briefly discuss avenues for future research.

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