Here you will find different texts written by researchers that are working for the Institute. All texts are not the result of research within the Institute's research program but are by theme and authors relevant to our work.

Costly punishment in the ultimatum game evokes moral concern, in particular when framed as payoff reduction.

Strimling, Pontus , Eriksson, Kimmo Per. A. Andersson & Torun Lindholm | 2017

Legal Power and the Right to Vote

Beckman, Ludvig | 2017

Freedom as Non-domination and Democratic Inclusion

Beckman, Ludvig & Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, | 2017

Social selection in formal and informal tracking in Sweden

Rudolphi, Frida and Robert Erikson | 2016

Dual Climate Change Responsibility

Duus-Otterström, Göran & Sverker Jagers | 2016

Allocating adaptation finance

Duus-Otterström, Göran | 2016

Animalism and the Varieties of Conjoined Twinning

Campbell, Timothy & Jeff McMahan | 2016

Desirability of Conditionals

Stefánsson, H. Orri | 2016

The Origins and Maintenance of Female Genital Modification across Africa

Strimling, Pontus , Ross, Cody T., Paige Ericksen, Karen, Lindenfors, Patrik & Monique Borgerhoff Mulder | 2016

Desire, Expectation, and Invariance

Stefánsson, H. Orri & Richard Bradley | 2016

How much scope for a mobility paradox?

Mood, Carina , Jonsson, Jan O. , Richard Breen | 2016

What Is ‘Real’ in Probabilism?

Stefánsson, H. Orri | 2016

Being and Well-Being

Bykvist, Krister | 2015

Debunking and Disagreement

Tersman, Folke | 2015

Declining willingness to fight for one’s country

Puranen, Bi , Inglehart R.F., Welzel C, | 2015

Estimating Social and Ethnic Inequality in School Surveys

Jonsson, Jan O. , Engzell, Per | 2015

Fair Chance and Modal Consequentialism

Stefánsson, H. Orri | 2015

Fairness-based retributivism reconsidered

Duus-Otterström, Göran | 2015

How Valuable are Chances?

Stefánsson, H. Orri , Richard Bradley | 2015

Modeling the Evolution of Creoles

Strimling, Pontus , Jansson, F., Parkvall, M. | 2015

Moderators of the disapproval of peer punishment

Eriksson, Kimmo , Strimling, Pontus , Andersson, P.A. | 2015

Of Malthus and Methuselah

Jebari, Karim | 2015

Reply to Orsi

Bykvist, Krister | 2015

Should Extinction Be Forever?

Jebari, Karim | 2015


Bursell, Moa | 2015

The implications of learning across perceptually and strategically distinct situations

Strimling, Pontus , Eriksson, Kimmo , Cownden, D | 2015