Publications / 28 April, 2017

From Categories to Categorization: A Social Perspective on Market Categorization

Tyllström, Anna, Durand, Rodolphe & Nina Granqvist. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Volume 51, 2017.

Publications / 19 April, 2017

A popular misapplication of evolutionary modeling to the study of human cooperation

Eriksson, Kimmo , Strimling, Pontus & Daniel Cownden. Evolution and Human Behavior, Volume 38, Issue 3, Pages 421–427.

News / 17 April, 2017

A march for science and research!

Alternative facts and fake news. These are phenomenons that March for Science wants to counteract. March for Science will be organized in 400 cities around the World on the 22nd of April, highligting the importance of science and the use of research-based knowledge in society. The Institute for Futures Studies is one of more than 60 organizations that support the initiative in Sweden.

News / 13 April, 2017

Children of austerity

Nearly ten years after the first financial chock Waves rippled through the world economy, generating a global recenssion, the track record of high income countries in protecting Children from its worst effects, is mixed. A new book published by UNICE...och .

News / 13 April, 2017

A future without Down syndrome? Ethical reflections on the development of technology

Would you use prenatal testing to determine if the fetus you or your partner is carrying has Down’s syndrome? A new non-invasive test has become a success in countries like Iceland. But this success has had as result that not a single child with Down's syndrome is now being born. We need to consider the ethical implications of new technology in healthcare, says philosopher Julia Mosquera.