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Publications / 01 March, 2016

The Phenomenology of Specialization of Criminal Suspects

Abstract A criminal career can be either general, with the criminal committing different types of crimes, or specialized, with the criminal committing a specific type of crime. A central problem in the study of crime specialization is to determine, fr...

News / 14 January, 2016

How politically biased are you? New test on political biases

To what extent do you allow your political views influence your perception of reality? Do you trust facts regardless of whether they support your opinions or not? We may believe that we are impartial, neutral, but research shows that our political vi...

Research / 11 January, 2016

Policy professionals in the welfare state

We analyse a group that we denote as ”policy professionals” They are people employed by different organizations in order to affect policy and politics – rather than elected to office. It is a group that has grown in numbers and importance. The policy...

News / 17 December, 2015

Using big data to achieve better public health - new project

How can we in a systematic way understand what is causing better health in people? And how can we most efficiently use the resources of the public sector to turn around the development towards greater differences in health? Thanks to a grand from Vinnova, the Institute for Futures Studies will participate in a project using big data to achieve better public health.

News / 18 November, 2015

War ethics and international law – a discussion with academics, practitioners and policy-makers

In the summer of 2014, Israel launched a military action against Gaza called "Operation Protective Edge", as a response to Hamas rocket attacks. The conflict brought to the fore important debates in both international law and the ethics of war. On November 11th academics, practitioners and policy-makers met at the Institute for Futures Studies for a discussion.


18 May 2016

Research Seminar

Thomas Christiano: TBA

19 May 2016

Research Seminar

Donatella Della Porta: TBA

22 Jun 2016

Research Seminar

Jeff McMahan: TBA