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News / 29 June, 2015

New anthology on the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation 

The Digitalisation Commission, established by the Swedish government in 2012, has published an anthology where scholars and experts writes on how it is that Sweden has been so successful in digitization and what can be done to continue that success. Among the authors are Anders Ekholm and Bi Puranen, both from the Institute for Futures Studies.

News / 24 June, 2015

We are all prejudiced. You and me both 

At the Institute for Futures Studies, we treat discrimination as an import issue for the future. We are studying how it manifests itself, but we are also trying to understand how and why discrimination arises. One way to do this is to study the individual and his/hers prejudices.

Publication / 17 June, 2015
News / 10 June, 2015

When democracy reaches the workplace 

Environmental degradation, poverty, exhausted employees. These are problems that could be solved by the market. Provided that there is economic democracy.

Publication / 10 June, 2015

Value Superiority 

Gustaf Arrhenius and Wlodek Rabinowicz

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