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Seminar and interview with Larry Temkin.
Welcome to an autumn of research seminars, presenting ongoing research from various disciplines!

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News / 3 September, 2015

The dilemma of human enhancement 

Would you cut off your legs and replace them with prostheses which can take you places faster? Would you take drugs to enhance your cognitive skills? Perhaps you are already doing that? In the latest episode of Crosstalks, “The dilemma of human enhancement”, researchers discuss the practical and ethical boundaries of human enhancement.

Publication / 27 August, 2015
News / 13 July, 2015

What we talk about when we talk about equality 

Equality seems like a simple enough notion. It is about everybody having the same amount of whatever resources we care about. But is it really that simple? The American philosopher Larry Temkin tells us in an interview about his take on equality and on how this can be used when trying to achieve equality in society.

News / 7 July, 2015

Gustaf Arrhenius elected to a council which will help government with sustainability 

During the Swedish politician’s week in Visby, the government decided to appoint a scientific council for sustainable development. The council will strengthen the link between politics and academia.

News / 29 June, 2015

New anthology on the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation 

The Digitalisation Commission, established by the Swedish government in 2012, has published an anthology where scholars and experts writes on how it is that Sweden has been so successful in digitization and what can be done to continue that success. Among the authors are Anders Ekholm and Bi Puranen, both from the Institute for Futures Studies.

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