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News / 24 April, 2015

Policy Professionals in Swedish Politics 

For three years, three researchers and two research assistants have surveyed and interviewed a group of people who are remarkably invisible in research. it’s remarkable since it is a category of people which is growing in numbers and has direct access to the politicians in the Swedish government. The group has been named policy professionals and earlier this week the research results were presented at the seminar Makt utan mandat (in Swedish).

News / 16 April, 2015

PostDoc wanted for research on valuing future lives 

The Institute for Futures Studies is looking for a postdoc to be part of a research project on valuing future lives. The applicant needs to hold a PhD degree on a relevant philosophical topic when the employment starts. The project is directed by Professor Krister Bykvist (Philosophy).

News / 23 March, 2015

Law or fist? An interview on the Social Democrats and political resistance 

How do you organize political resistance? Is it reasonable to use non-democratic methods to protect a democratic society? And how do you get everyone in a large organization to agree on a common strategy? Listen to an interview with historians Johan A Lundin and Victor Lundberg.

News / 17 February, 2015

Rethinking society for the 21st century 

A couple of weeks ago it was decided that the Institute for Futures Studies will support the project International Panel on Social Progress. It is a large project with high ambitions that mobilizes several hundred scientists from different parts of the world. The goal is set on improving people’s living conditions.

News / 13 February, 2015
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