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Publications / 02 March, 2017

Costly punishment in the ultimatum game evokes moral concern, in particular when framed as payoff reduction.

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 69, p. 59-64. Abstract The ultimatum game is a common economic experiment in which some participants reject another's unfair offer of how to split some money, even though it leaves them both worse off. ...

News / 24 February, 2017

A monster in the making. On the euro crisis and democracy

What started off as a political project aimed at strengthening democracies has become an economic project in crisis that undermines democracy. That is how economist Matthias Matthijs describes the European Union and the euro crisis. When Matthias came...

News / 17 February, 2017

Policy responsiveness and democratic anger

A growing number of voters in Europe abstain from their right to vote in democratic elections. Most of them are citizens with low socio-economic status. The gap in political participation is most pronounced in countries with high levels of income ine...

News / 07 February, 2017

Do good. And do it better

Do you ever donate money to a charitable cause? If you do, how do you choose what cause to favour? The Scottish philosopher William MacAskill says that we are generally quite bad at regarding donations as investments, choosing with our hearts rather ...

News / 01 February, 2017

We welcome Berit Högman to our board

The Swedish government has appointed Berit Högman to the board of the Institute for Futures Studies during 2017–2022. Berit Högman is Deputy Group Leader (SocDem) in the Swedish Parliament and has been a Member of Parliament since 2002. Her other assi...