10 July 2017

Interview with Erik Olin Wright

Earlier this spring, Erik Olin Wright came to Stockholm to talk at our research seminar. He spoke about pathways to a coopera...

10 July 2017

New perspectives on the privatization of Swedish welfare

If a social scientific observer of the mid-1980s had been presented with a line-up of rich Western countries – say Germany, S...extent come from for-profit providers.

07 July 2017

Epistemic Transformation and Rational Choice

Economics and Philosophy, 33(1), 2017: 125-138. DOI: Abstract Most people at some poi...

06 July 2017

Lobbying for Profits: Private Companies and the Privatization of the Welfare State in Sweden

Working paper 2017 nr 1. In this paper, we analyse the recent history and current resilience of for-profit care and service pr...

08 June 2017

A basic income for all: crazy or essential?

OUPblog, Oxford University Press’s Academic Insights for the Thinking World. Shouldn’t society provide a safety net for all in...

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