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News / 17 January, 2017

New research project: Anxieties of Democracy

New year and new exciting research projects! One of them is named Anxieties of Democracy, which will investigate in what ways representative democracy may be said to be in crisis, to explain why this is so, and to suggest solutions as to how represent...

News / 21 December, 2016

Funding received for research projects about democracy and equality

Last week the institute was granted 8 million SEK by the Wallenberg Foundations for two research projects that will go on for four years.

News / 24 November, 2016

Research assistant wanted for project on ethnic discrimination

Vi söker en forskningsassistent på heltid till två forskningsprojektet med experimentella ansatser som handlar om etnisk diskriminering på arbetsmarknaden och inom välfärden.

News / 07 November, 2016

Contribute to the global research initiativ IPSP!

The first draft of the report of the International Panel of Social Progress (IPSP), "Rethinking Society for the 21st Century", is out now! We welcome you to comment on the online platform This report is a product of a global i...

News / 08 September, 2016

Schools and segregation – a positive example

The importance of socio-economic background will become increasingly important for school success. But segregation in the school area is steadily growing and inequality is increasing, a development that has been caused by the increased possibilities t...