Stefan Buijsman

I am working at Institute for Futures Studies on a grant from Vetenskapsrådet entitled: Numbers: the relevance of empirical results for philosophy. Before this I received, at 20 (and thus the youngest in Swedish history), a PhD in philosophy at Stockholm University. I am currently situated as a visiting researcher at Leiden University and also writes popular science books for De Bezige Bij. One of these has been published by Natur och Kultur, under the title Siffrorna i våra liv.   

My research is on the philosophy of mathematics, in particular on how (educated laymen) learn and use mathematics. Most of my work explores the intersection between philosophy and empirical research, either applying philosophical work to debates in psychology and mathematics education or, more frequently, exploring the ramifications of empirical results for a philosophical understanding of our mathematical practices.  

Three recently published works

  • Buijsman, S., Acquiring mathematical concepts: the viability of hypothesis testing, Mind & Language, forthcoming, soon to be published online.

  • Buijsman, S. with Tirado, C. Spatial-numerical associations: Shared symbolic and non-symbolic numerical representations, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, forthcoming, online  

  • Buijsman, S., Two roads to the successor axiomSynthese,  forthcoming, online

Three frequently cited works

  • Buijsman, S., 2019, Learning the Natural Numbers as a Child, Noûs 53 (1), 3-22.

  • Buijsman, S., with Assadian, B. Are the Natural Numbers Fundamentally Ordinals? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, online

  • Buijsman, S., 2017, Referring to mathematical objects via definite descriptions, Philosophia Mathematica 25 (1), 128-138.